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Starting to Write

By Marina Oliver

How do writers get started; manage the physical aspects; become effective? This book enables beginners, and those who are not total novices, to look at motives, set realistic objectives, and devise a plan of action without wasting time and resources. You can explore options, discover what works best for you, take advantage of tips from experienced writers. Marina has published books, magazines and taught creative writing, Deborah has edited a monthly magazine and manages magazine production with Incisive Media Ltd. This book is an essential resource for anyone who wants to start to write.

Starting to Write – Chapter Headings

Getting started
Collecting the tools
Market research
Reading and analysing
Getting ideas
Developing ideas
The all-important beginnings
Middles and ends
Editing your work
Submitting your work

The book also contains a comprehensive Glossary, a list of Useful Addresses, pages of suggested Further Reading, and an Index.

Reviews of First Edition:-

'A comprehensive guide – sensible advice on basic issues – is a must for all writers with a serious desire to succeed.' – Alison Chisholm, BBC Radio North West.

'If you are a would-be writer or a newly-fledged one who is uncertain which path to take next, this may well be the book for you. It is packed with practical suggestions about how to write and sell successfully, and written in an almost too accessible style. At the end, you're left thinking, 'Well, if it's that easy ...' - Writers' Express.

Sample pages:-

Developing Ideas

Editing Your Work

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